The birth of letmino

La naissance de letmino

“I had the idea of ​​LETMINO concept during summer 2011: I spent a week’s holiday with family and friends; all mothers, including me, talked about our fear of school trips that our eldest entering college in September were going to do … ‘

The night falls, irregular class schedules, Not going straight on the way home from the bakery or walking the dog’s girlfriend, the solo trips, bad encounter, etc: delays or problems ?! We all came from different countries and yet we had all the same concern of mother fear for our children taking of independence …

That’s where this idea came to me of LETMINO concept : to give our children the opportunity to inform us if they are in a threatening situation!

Very quickly, I realized that LETMINO would certainly be useful for middle school students from around the world but more generally to all persons like the jogger, the work addict, the party girl, the globetrotter, the jogger The work addict, the party boy, the globetrotter, people living alone as our mother or our father or Aunt Suzie …

In few words, LETMINO spoke to anyone from 9 to 99 years around the world! »

La naissance de letmino