Terms and Conditions of Use

The present General terms of use indicate the contractual conditions applicable to acquisition and the use of application LETMINO as well as www.letmino.net website (hereafter the “Site”).   By downloading application LETMINO, please note that you agree to be dependent by the present General terms of Use. In the event of refusal, you will not be able to download application LETMINO.   Any visit or use of the Site implies the acceptance of present conditions of use. If you do not accept our conditions of use, please do not use our Site.   The General terms of Use can be modified constantly without responsibility in your opposition and notice.   Any made modification comes into effect as from its date of on-line publishing. So, every user regularly has to go on the Site and verify the existence of such modifications. Every user is considered for having accepted the new version of the Contract, the Site and/or the application LETMINO only because of the access to the Site and/or of the continuation of the use of the application LETMINO. It is your responsibility to verify regularly the General terms of use on the Site.

1. Legal notices
The LETMINO application as well as the Site are operated by the company PROTECTME, limited liability company with a sole shareholder with a capital of 100 € registered in France in the RCS of Strasbourg under the number 799146152 and whose head office is 46 rue de Verdun, 67000 Strasbourg. You can contact the publisher on +   The director is Miss Valérie Waterhouse, as legal representative of the company PROTECTME.   The web site www. letmino.net is hosted by the company SAS OVH, of a 10 000 000 euro share capital, registered in France on the register of companies of Roubaix – Tourcoing under the number 424 761 419 00045, whose head office is situated in 2 street Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France. You can contact the host to +33.9 72 10 10 10.

2. Intellectual property  
All the elements making up the LETMINO application as well as the Site among others the  structure, software, texts, sounds, images, patents, marks, logos, drawings and models and in a general way any distinguishing feature are the exclusive property of Miss Valérie Waterhouse, who benefits on these various elements of intellectual property rights.   “LETMINO” and « PROTECTME » are registered trademarks. You agree not to modify, to destroy, to mask or to delete in some other way any notification or label of copyright or property contained in the application LETMINO and/or in the Site. The reproduction of all or part of one or several elements making up the application and/or the Site without the express authorization and the prerequisite of Miss Valérie Waterhouse, whatever the author and the means, is imitation, repressed by provisions of the articles L335-2 (L335-3 for the software) and following ones of the French code of the Intellectual property.   The users of the application LETMINO benefit, on all these contents, a limited, not exclusive, personal and revocable license for the only use of the application LETMINO. Any act of imitation or susceptible to be qualified as such which would be the fact of a third party and the user of the application LETMINO of which would have knowledge must be notified to the company PROTECTME which will make its affair) of pursuits to be led.

3. LETMINO application  
The company PROTECTME offers to the sale an application called LETMINO, intended for the protection of the people and developed for mobile phones android, by means of an alarm system under the shape of a specific button.   The LETMINO application allows to activate an alert in case of danger by email, SMS, or call, that the telephone is active or sluggish. The application allows the receiver of the alert to locate its issuer, via a service of geo-localization, indicating the approximate place where is the issuer.   The company PROTECTME reserves the right to develop the characteristics (in particular techniques) of the application LETMINO.   Applications, services and third sites: the LETMINO application can allow you to be connected or to connect you to use features proposed by applications, services or third sites which are not held or not controlled by the company PROTECTME (grouped(included) under the term ” third applications “). All the third applications are subjected to the general conditions of the corresponding third supplier. The company PROTECTME does not check and is not responsible on no account for any problem connected to the exchanges or to the transactions with such third parties and for any third contents, contained by syndication, applications, services, sites, advertisements, links, policies of confidentiality and/or practices of such third parties which you can reach via the application LETMINO. It is of your responsibility for verifying the policies of confidentiality and the conditions of service and use of the third sites which you consult before downloading or using any third application.

4. Authorization
The user of the application LETMINO accepts that his mobile data, given by geo-localization, given by mobile contacts and given by network made the object of a sharing in case of use of the service of alert of the application LETMINO.

5. Required Equipment
The LETMINO application can be downloaded on Android exclusively, in the versions 2.2 – 4.4   The user declares to detain the necessary equipment to use the LETMINO application, that is an adapted operating system.

6. Guarantee
The consumers benefit from all the current legal guarantees in France in particular from the guarantee of the latent defects and from the guarantee of conformity.

7. Responsibility of the company PROTECTME
The Company PROTECTME makes every effort, at best of its possibilities and subject to the technical constraints, to assure the smooth running of the application LETMINO, and is responsible in the case of the failure to respect the present conditions, for the losses or the damage which you undergo when they are the result predictable of the violation of the present Conditions or the negligence. The loss or the damage is predictable if it establishes an obvious consequence of the violation of the present conditions, consisting in the internal dysfunction of the software necessary for the provision of the application LETMINO. The LETMINO application is supplied “as is” and ” according to the availability “. We supply no guarantee and reject any responsibility as regards the availability, the current events, the safety and the quality of the application LETMINO, any software or the application associated or of quite different product, service or information obtained via the application LETMINO.   We reject any responsibility concerning the deletion of, or the incapacity to be stored or to be passed on, any contents or other information were maintained or were passed on by the application LETMINO. We are on no account responsible for the accuracy or for the reliability of any information or for any advice passed on via the application LETMINO. The responsibility of the company PROTECTME could not be committed for any loss or damage which is not predictable, resultant in particular of the dysfunction of your mobile phone or the equipment required for the use of the application LETMINO, the defect of update of the application on your mobile phone, or the case of absolute necessity such as defined to the present contract and by the French courts, or resulting from the unpredictable fact and insuperable of a third party, except the control of the company PROTECTME.   Consequently, the company PROTECTME cannot guarantee an availability of the application LETMINO, a reliability of the transmissions and the performances in term of time of answer or quality, and could not be held responsible from then on in case of limitation, interruption or suspension of all or part of the application LETMINO, and consequences which can ensue from it for the user or quite third.   Also, the responsibility of the company PROTECTME cannot be committed for any damage or inconvenience resulting from the use of the internet network or from the networks of mobile phone operators, such as in particular a loss of data, a disturbance or a break of service, an intrusion outside, a computer virus or any other involuntary problem. The responsibility of the company PROTECTME cannot be committed in case of fraudulent use by third parties of the account of the user. The company PROTECTME cannot be held responsible to the user or to any third party of a possible degradation, a suspension or an interruption of the application attributable LETMINO in the force majeure, in the fact of a third party or a user, as well as in the inevitable hazards which could ensue from the technique and from the complexity of the implementation of the service. The responsibility of the company PROTECTME can be questioned only at the rate of the direct damage to property resulting from a fault proved by the latter. The company PROTECTME will have on no account to repair the damage indirect and/or immaterial of whatever nature.   In the limits allowed by the legislation, we can be held responsible on no account for any damage or loss whatever they are. Certain jurisdictions do not authorize the exclusion or the limitation of certain damage, it is thus possible that the limitations or the exclusions above do not apply in your case.   IN ANY CASE, THE RESPONSIBILITY TOTAL AND ACCUMULATED BY THE COMPANY PROTECTME CANNOT EXCEED, ANY MERGED DAMAGES, AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO the PRICE WHICH YOU PAID FOR THE APPLICATION LETMINO.

8. Responsibility of the User
8.1 Respect for the current laws and regulations
The user, makes a commitment to respect the current laws and regulations. So, the user refrains to use the services of the application LETMINO in a illicit or illegal way, the way which would strike a blow at third parties or of any other way not in compliance with the General terms of Use. In particular, the user is responsible for the content of messages sent to his contacts and respect for the regulations relative to the protection of name specific data.
8.2 Protection of the software of the application LETMINO
The user forbids himself: – To bring, or to make bring, any modification to the software of the application LETMINO, including to correct possible errors of this one; – To duplicate, reproduce, copy, extract, modify the software of the application LETMINO or integrate it into a derived work; – To dismantle, defuse, damage, modify, make of the inverse engineering, decompile, decipher the software of the application LETMINO, its documentation or its source code, create improvements of this software or to use any other method having for object or for effect to reach the source code or the protocols of the software of the application LETMINO; – To incorporate, integrate, reuse, or include all or part of the software of the application LETMINO in another software, program, product or service; – To distribute, redistribute, to give up or to sell, to rent, to lend, to transfer, to give in guarantee, to sub-dismiss the software of the application LETMINO whatever other way it is any part of the application LETMINO in a third party whatever it is. The User could not claim to reach the source codes of the software of the application LETMINO.

8.3 Expenses
The user is responsible for the payment of any expenses or spending connected to the download and to the use of the application LETMINO, including expenses charged by the operator of telephony for the use of the network and the data sharing. Consult your operator to know more about it.

9. Force majeure
The responsibility of the company PROTECTME could not be committed for any non-fulfillment or delay in the execution of any of the obligations resulting from the contract which is caused by a case of absolute necessity (Force majeure).   A case of absolute necessity is defined as any act or event outside our reasonable control, including, without this list being restrictive, the strikes, the riots, the invasions, the terrorist attacks either threats of terrorist attacks, wars (declared or not) or war threats, fires, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, epidemics or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunication networks. In particular, the dysfunction of the internet network or the networks of mobile phone operators consitute cases of absolute necessity.   In case an event of force majeure declares itself and affects the execution of the obligations of the company PROTECTME resulting from the Contract, its obligations will be suspended for all the duration by the event outside its control.

10. Notification
Any notification planned by this general terms of use must be made by the user for the company PROTECTME by e-mail at the following address: contact@letmino.net

11. Important Miscellaneous provisions
11.1 The Clauses of the present Conditions are divisible. If a court or a competent authority judges one of the clauses contained in the present illegal or non-invocable, the other clauses are in force, and continue to produce their effects.
11.2 This contract is a English translation of the French version of the Conditions Générales d’Utilisation and the latter shall apply in the event of discrepancy.
11.3 COMPETENCE COURT AND APPLICABLE LAW. In the maximal limits allowed by the statutory rights of the consumers (if applicable), the present conditions of use are governed by the French legislation, with the exception of its capacities relative to the conflict of the laws. You agree to submit yourselves to the jurisdiction of the French courts. It means that any dispute or any ensuing complaint either in connection with the present contract or its object or its formation (including the disputes or the not contractual complaints) are governed by the French law and by the French jurisdictions. OF EXPRESS AGREEMENT(CONVENTION), THE PARTS(PARTIES) RECOGNIZE THE EXCLUSIVE SKILL(COMPETENCE) OF THE COURTS IN THE SPRING(COMPETENCE) OF the PLACE OF the HEAD OFFICE OF THE COMPANY PROTECTME