Screenshot_2014-02-25-11-17-28 A REVOLUTION IN PERSONAL SAFETY

Protect yourself !

LETMINO, your emergency app on smartphone

LETMINO is the world’s most revolutionary personnal safety alarm for smartphones that informs those that care about you that you are in need of immediate help.

Thanks to its patented technology, LETMINO is the only mobile personal safety alarm which remains permanently activated and where alerts can be instantaneously set off without having to unlock the screen or open the application.

An alert can easily and discreetly be set off by pressing the phone ON/OFF button at least 5 times. You will feel a morse SOS vibration to confirm that the alert has been sent. Your LETMINO Contact(s) will immediately receive a personalised text and email alert messages with your geolocation and, and one of them, a LETMINO emergency call, that lasts for 15 seconds. Alerts will be resent again every 2 minutes until you stop the alert.

Protect those you care about !

Logo Family

Even though you hope that you never have to use LETMINO, everybody needs it.

Your teenager on their way home from school. The lone jogger or solitary sport-person. The young adult who comes home late from work or a night out with friends. Your eldery parent who lives on their own.

LETMINO is for both you and everyone you care for. Once you’ve all got LETMINO, you will benefit not only from a real-time GPS tracking system, but also a LETMINO phone override system that will ensure you will hear every LETMINO alert if your phone is on silent or vibration modes.

By not being alerted, you will have the everyday comfort that today is just another day!

Download it NOW to your Android smartphone for 4,99€ only and you’ll have 24/7 LETMINO help at your and your loved-ones’ fingertips.

Only Androïd smartphones can download LETMINO and send LETMINO alerts but all smartphones Androïd, iPhones, etc can receive LETMINO alerts.

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